Cube Robot Speedy Apk Download

Cube Robot Speedy Apk
Category: Adventure
Published On: 08 Jul 2018
Version Update: 11 Jul 2018
Downloads: 637+

Cube Robot Speedy Apk is a 3D plat-former adventure android game. Speed through many time attack platform levels. This is an interesting android games apk for android phones and tablets. I think you are gonna love this simple addictive game.


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Cube Robot SpeedyCube Robot SpeedyCube Robot SpeedyCube Robot SpeedyCube Robot Speedy


Go on a platformer journey with the Cube Robot Speedy. Jump and run through many diversified levels, dodge obstacles, and speed it up, to get all the stars. This cube adventure is an unforgettable adventure for Cube Robot Champions. Be fast to get all the stars. Did you know, that cubes are the answer to every question? This platformer is more than a normal 3D platformer. This real game will make you sweat. Many levels are waiting for you, and many are to come with the next updates. Will you be able to get all the stars? Or will you die like a noob?

Cube Robot Speedy Apk

It starts easy, but gets more and more complex and hard. Jump and Run in many speed levels, the clock is always ticking. The Cube Robot dies, when you are slow. Be a fast champion, that is what you are meant to be!

Dodge lasers, and don’t let the Cube Bombs touch you, or else, guess what, you will die. Why are you still here reading this, you should be downloading this great adventure 3D game already. Must have for speed action fans! That is what the speed Cube Robot mentality is all about. This adventure game is so hard, that noobs will lose their pants. But pro gamers will be the champions of the platformer world. The clock is ticking and you are becoming the next Cube champion.

The first 3D platformer for Android that is only for power gamers. Yeah, the power gamers will take over the world, and the power noobs will be bashed. Did you ever jump on a rotator, or run through laser cubes, and falling cubes? What are you waiting for? The clock is ticking and the Cube Robot dies if you are too slow. This fast 3D platformer game is an Android revolutionary speed adventure.

The world is waiting for the Cube Robot, because it needs to be saved. But the world won’t be saved by the cube robot in this powerfull time attack adventure, because it is not his job. Someone else can do it. No, the cube Robot is only here, to be played as an adventure master Jump and Runner and become the champion of platformers!