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The Grand Opening of TyrRO Server is here! Portals open at 7pm on the 13th of May 2017 (GMT+8), which mean this Saturday the server opens and will welcome every player not just here in the Philippines but in other countries as well! See you in game!

Server Features:
- 99/70 Transcedent Jobs
- Base Exp Rate 30x
- Job Exp Rate 30x
- Normal Drop Rates 10x
- Boss Drop Rate 5x
- Treasure Drop Rate 2x
Server Settings:
- Episode 13.1 Ash Vacuum
- Classic Server
- Expanded Jobs (Disabled for now)
- Max ASPD 190
- Classic Job Quest
- Classic Item Quest
- Classic Skill Quest
- Official Hair Color
- Official Hair Style
- Official Palette
MVP & MINI BOSS CARDS are DISABLED (for Balancing)
MVP Reward System
- Since we disabled card for all MVP Monsters, after defeating the BOSS monster, MVP Player will receive Tyr Points. (An alternative way to boost the excitement of MVP hunting).
- Tyr Points can be exchange to items such as Proof of Donation and many more.
- Tyr Points are automaticly rewarded after defeating MVP monster.
see more on the FB group discussion!
Guild Transfer Package:
x1 Sigrun's Wing - For Guild Leader only. Character Bound.
x1 Gangster Scarf
x5 Field Manual 100%
x5 Bubble Gum
x10 Job Manual
x15 Elite Siege Box
x10 Token of Siegfried
x300 Bottle Grenade - For Guild
x300 Acid Bomb - For Guild
x100 Poison Bottle - For Guild
x10 Convex Mirror - For Guild
Player Starter Pack(everyone gets this)
x1 Tyr Poring Hat Costume
x100 White Potions
x100 Blue Potions
x30 Kafra Tickets
x5 Battle Manual(For Exp)
x5 Bubble Gum(For Drop)
3 days Boarding Halter Box
Once again thank you for all your patience See you all on Saturday!
- Tyr Administration Team

Mobile App Apk
Size: 4.04 MB

Full Game Client(PC)
Size: 2.97 GB

Lite Game Client(PC)
Size: 178.53 MB

FB Discussion Group: http://bit.ly/2q5137v
Official Website(Registration): http://bit.ly/2pMqslj
Official Tyr Forums: http://bit.ly/2p4XMjB

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