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Revenge of Sultans Apk is a game for android devices.  This is a Strategy game which developed by  ONEM. This is now another most popular game with a different taste of strategy game. Join players around world in this epic RTS MMO game to reclaim ancient kingdom on Arabian Peninsula. You, my lord, called by people to take on great challenge to become next king in hope of bringing peace and prosperity back to this land.

Revenge of Sultans Apk

With more eyes on the throne than you can possibly imagine, you must be strategic and make your claims to resources and troops fast, even if it means war. It’s time to demonstrate your leadership skills and diplomatic strengths to surpass your opponents in the quest for supreme power. Show them no mercy.

Engage in Epic Battles
Command finest troops & fight your way to the top. Strike enemies hard & leave them far behind. With a powerful army, equipped with most advanced technologies, you will have to dominate the world in no time.

More Resources More Problems
The world is watching. Enemies will find ways to eat into your success. There will be times when allies are needed. Choose your Alliance members wisely, because they may be the determining factor for your conquest to the throne. The War of Throne is not a single man’s fight.

Explore the Vast Arabian Desert
The desert is fun place, and dangerous one, too. Go on monster hunts & explore the ancient relics if you fancy the wild. You will find plenty of resources among other useful items. Rewards are worth the efforts.

Invite your friends to play
This is a game where you’ll make lots of new friends. But don’t forget to invite your old friends to join the fun too. They will share your visions and dream. With more friends by your side, you will be more than you can be.

Size: 74.3 MB


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